Pop Shop  - Cake Pop Station

Create a cake pop on the spot it's as easy as 1, 2 ,3 

Step 1: Choose your Cake Flavor (Vanilla, Chocolate or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough) Step 2: Choose your Dip, (White Chocolate, Chocolate or Birthday Cake) Step 3: Add your Topping Roll (Oreo, Chocolate Chips, Dots, Sprinkles, Cinnamon Toast Crunch & Fruity Pebbles).

It's All About The Churro **New Shapes**

Made on demand, Churros are baked hot & rolled in a cinnamon sugar bath.  Add some warm caramel & fudge along with 6 additional toppings. New Shapes Include: Mini Churros, Hearts And Rabbit Ears

Designer Donuts

Food truck meets WDS with our new Designer Mini Donuts.  Available in 9 sinister flavors, (client will choose 2) & it's served warm, freshly baked, filled & topped to perfection. Donuts are served in traditional take out boats - leaving your guests asking only question....

"Where's the food truck that made these?"

Traditional Funnel Cakes 
The traditional funnel cakes that everyone knows & loves are always a hit. These homemade funnel cakes are warmed right in our ovens and served with powdered sugar, warm caramel and fudge and includes 8 toppings.

Bake Shoppe Items

Baked onsite

Raw Edible Cookie Dough - go eggless
Pick up to 3 flavors of cookie dough!!!!  Kids love it  - we have flavors of Chocolate Chunk, Birthday Cake, Brownie Delight Crushed Oreo and Red Velvet. Served as cookie sandwiches, in cups and on mini cones.  5 LED Topping bar included


Homemade mini munchkin donuts ) served with warm glaze (chocolate & vanilla) and 8 toppings included to custom build the donuts the way you like them!!           So good and smell amazing.....

Gooey Tins!!!!  Baked Cookie Tins with Ice Cream and Toppings......O"So Good 

Warm baked gooey cookies served in mini tins with your choice of ice cream served on top.  Then add warm caramel, fudge, colored sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles and of course finalize with 5 toppings, whip cream and a cherry.

Churro Boats and Churro Ice Cream  Sandwiches

 What better way to have your donut like treat and top it off with ice cream. We now offer Churro ice cream sandwiches and Churro boats to serve your ice cream in.