Chocolate Faucet

Just turn it on & let it flow chocolate.

Chocolate Heart

Available in 2 flavors as well

Staff attended and dipping items included


Chocolate River

You can choose from 2 different flavors.

Station is staff attended and dipping items included.

For the fountains, we have multiple flavors (Milk Chocolate, Dark, Chocolate, White Chocolate, Caramel, and Butterscotch), 10 colors available and many dipping items to choose from. Call for details.
Fountain Centerpiece

Customize with your photos, logos & colors.

Double Dip Fountain

The 2 flavored fountain: Get more bang for your buck.  Pick from Milk Chocolate, Dark or White and then pick a second flavor and you can even add Caramel as a second option.  Staff attended and your choice of 5 dipping items included.