Chocolate River

You can choose from 2 different flavors.

Station is staff attended and dipping items included.

Chocolate Heart

Available in 2 flavors as well

Staff attended and dipping items included

Double Dip Fountain

The 2 flavored fountain: Get more bang for your buck.  Pick from Milk Chocolate, Dark or White and then pick a second flavor and you can even add Caramel as a second option.  Staff attended and your choice of 5 dipping items included. 

Chocolate Faucet

Just turn it on & let it flow chocolate.


Fountain Centerpiece

Customize with your photos, logos & colors.

For the fountains, we have multiple flavors (Milk Chocolate, Dark, Chocolate, White Chocolate, Caramel, and Butterscotch), 10 colors available and many dipping items to choose from. Call for details.